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Chromebook Resources

Using Distance Learning can be a challenge at times. Here are some helpful tips and resources to assist you and your children.

Printing on a Chromebook at Home:
Printing on a Chromebook works differenly than on a Windows PC or a Mac. Not every printer is compatible with ChromeOS. Usually newer printers that are wifi enabled have a better chance of working with Chromebooks.

Please see the links below for more information on printing from a Chromebook:
Printing from a Chromebook - Google Support
HP Printers and Chromebooks
Epson Printers and Chromebooks
Lexmark Printers and Chromebooks
Canon Printers and Chromebooks

On a Chromebook, make sure they log in with their account. Once they log in they will get the necessary apps like Classroom, Docs, Meet, and more.
If you or your child experiences difficulty accessing their account or apps, please contact their teacher or building administrator for assistance.
Connecting a Chromebook to WiFi
Conectar una Chromebook a WiFi

Windows/Mac Computer:
When using your own personal computer, for best results use the Chrome browser. It is a free download for Windows and Mac computers:
Download Chrome -

If you are sharing the computer, make sure your child logs into Chrome with their account:
Signing into Chrome and Turn on Sync

When they sign in, you will want to turn on Sync, so all of their Apps and Bookmarks will be there. It may also appear as "Link Data". One Chrome browser can have multiple users accounts connected to it. Make sure your child is using their's when they are doing work.

Apple Devices, iPad/iPhone:
If they are using an Apple device like an iPad or iPhone, you will want to make sure they have downloaded the Google Apps from the Apple App Store. The following Google Apps should be installed: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Chat, Gmail (for High School and Middle School students). They can be found on the Apple App store by searching for them by title. You must also make sure the student configures the device to use their Google account, not their personal Google account (if they have one).

Android Devices:
On an Android tablet or phone, some Google Apps are usually pre-installed. You may want to check though to make sure these apps are installed: Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides. Make sure that their account is set up on the device, they will not be able to access some material if it is not.
Adding Apps on Android
Add an Account on Android