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Students Turn Fashion Designers

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Sixth graders at Center Moriches Middle School have stepped into the role of fashion designers during family and consumer science class. Within their fashion unit, students studied draping and were tasked with working in small groups to create an outfit. They stepped into the library makerspace to assemble their pieces. Many sixth graders used fabric to create their clothing, whereas others used common materials such as newspapers.

Once in the library, students used Book Creator to design their own fashion look-books. Book Creator is a platform that gives students the opportunity to create digital content. Students organized their look-books and even included a statement about their collections.

This interdisciplinary project brought together a family and consumer science unit with the resources available in the middle school library. Students were eager to make their own creations and easily share them with Book Creator.

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Date Added: 11/17/2023

Walk of Heroes Celebration

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The Center Moriches School District held its annual Walk of Heroes Celebration on Nov. 9 to honor those who have served in the U.S. military. Beginning at Center Moriches High School, local veterans walked through the hallways lined by students waving American flags. Students who have family members who are veterans joined their heroes as they paraded through the building. The Walk of Heroes then continued through the Middle School and onto Clayton Huey Elementary School.

Students expressed their gratitude for the sacrifices veterans made and for their service to the United States. Additionally, they learned about Veterans Day through in-class activities and lessons.

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Date Added: 11/15/2023

Science Fun at CMMS

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Students at Center Moriches Middle School have been busy in the science lab. Students recently explored the different phases of the moon with help from a delicious treat. They used Oreo cookies to visualize the different phases, with the frosting representing the moon and the cookie symbolizing the night sky.

Students also participated in a "dancing ghost" lab ahead of Halloween. The experiment taught them about the chemical change when mixing baking soda, water and vinegar together. Students first drew a ghost face on lima beans. The lima beans were then placed in a baking soda and water solution. Students poured vinegar over the lima beans, signaling a chemical change and making them move as if they are dancing.

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Date Added: 11/3/2023

Published Poet Shares Power of Words

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Darren Sardelli, a published author and poet, visited Center Moriches Middle School and High School to share the power of words with students. Sardelli shared the unlikely story of how he became a writer and eventually a professional poet. He encouraged students to take chances and to not get discouraged if things don’t initially work in their favor.

Sardelli read some of his published poems aloud to students. He took them through his writing process and shared tips including create your own characters and be playful with words. At the end of his presentation, Sardelli took photos with students and signed autographs.

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Date Added: 10/30/2023