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Monster Match Brings Drawings to Life

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Second graders at Clayton Huey Elementary School saw their artwork come to life in the building’s annual Monster Match with Center Moriches Middle School. The elementary students drew their own monsters, then their designs were sent over to the middle school. The older students then used the drawings as a template to sew customized stuffed animals.

Once the stuffed animals were finished, the middle schoolers presented them to the second grade classes. They even wrote children’s books about the made-up monsters and read them with their elementary school partners.

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Date Added: 4/5/2024


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Clayton Huey Elementary School students visited Center Moriches High School to collaborate with the Science Honor Society for STEM Day on March 26. Fourth and fifth graders rotated through several hands-on stations led by high school students, focusing on the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Stations included Play-Doh making, building solar eclipse models, constructing kaleidoscopes and sound experiments. Additionally, the high school robotics team was on hand to demonstrate how its robot works – a station that seemed to be a crowd favorite.

“My favorite part about STEM Day was the robot and I liked how cool it was and I liked watching throw it into the targets,” said fifth grader Brayden M.

The annual event is an exciting learning opportunity for elementary and high school students alike.

““It was interesting, at least for me and I’m assuming the rest of the high schoolers, to take what they know and what they’re learning in school and find a way to translate that to elementary schoolers. It was just a great opportunity for everyone,” said senior and Science Honor Society member Alexander Babzien.

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Date Added: 3/28/2024

WARM Week Fosters Love for Reading

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Clayton Huey Elementary School held its WARM Week, which stands for “We Are Reading More.” The week helped foster a love for reading in elementary students and was filled with themed days including “Read a T-Shirt Day” and “Book Character Day.”

Students participated in several reading-based activities. They were excited to be put into their big-little pairs, where every primary class was paired up with an intermediate class for collaborative reading time.

The week culminated with a visit from children’s book author Brian Heinz. He took students through his entire writing process – from rough draft to being published. Heinz shared stories about the trips he takes around the country to research the topics he is interested writing about. Students were inspired to continue reading and were open to the idea of even becoming authors themselves one day.

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Date Added: 3/20/2024

SCMEA Scholarship

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Clayton Huey Elementary School fifth grader Dahlia Jones received a Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association Scholarship during the All-County concert earlier this month. The scholarship helps fund private summer study and comes in the amount of $500. SCMEA only awards about 20 students from Suffolk County in grades 5-11, each year.

Jones is already an accomplished student-musician in Center Moriches. She is a baritone player and has participated in several regional events including the NYSSMA solo festival, the Day of Tuba and Euphonium and the SCMEA Division I Band Ensemble. This past summer, Jones participated in Center Moriches’ summer music program alongside incoming sixth graders. She is currently preparing a very challenging NYSSMA solo on the middle school level.

Date Added: 3/18/2024

Spreading Love in Center Moriches on Valentine’s Day

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Students at Clayton Huey Elementary School welcomed IGHL to the building on Valentine’s Day. Fourth and fifth graders in the Friends and Buddies Club and the Kindness Club spread love and smiles as they worked together to participate in Valentine’s Day-themed crafts.

Students rotated through stations with individuals from IGHL to make sensory bottles, create paper kindness trees, make tin foil hearts and paint a rainbow banner. The hands-on activities provided students with the opportunity to collaborate, be creative and spread joy while connecting with members of the community.

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Date Added: 2/15/2024