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We are Huey's Heroes!

We at Clayton Huey strive to ensure that when every one of our students comes to school, they are able to do so in an emotionally and physically safe environment. Huey's Heroes is a program designed to educate students on the importance of being "H.E.R.O.I.C" Our Character Education Committee works diligently to provide students with examples and presentations of what it takes to be a Huey's Hero. Students themselves present information daily on morning announcements to teach others how they are working on the monthly Learner Profile, and assemblies and book of the month activities allow teachers and students to engage in open discussion about how Huey's Heroes are expected to act.

To the right are awesome Learner Profile books to help you each month! Click on a book to hear a read-aloud.

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This month's PYP Learner Profile: PRINCIPLED


PYP Learner Profiles for each month

September October November
Open-minded! Caring! Thinker!
December January February
Communicator! Inquirer! Principled!
March April May
Knowledgeable! Risk-Taker! Balanced!