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Technology Support Services

Welcome to the Technology Support Services web page.

Here you will find a collection of useful support documentation to assist you with using technology in the district.



Directions for Accessing CMSD Help Desk - How to log in and submit a Help Desk ticket

Log into Chrome with Cisco SSO - How to log into Chrome Using Cisco SSO (Duo)

Setting Up Cisco Duo - Configure your account for Cisco Duo multifactor authentication

Connecting Teacher Laptops in Classrooms - How to connect to the dock using  the USB-C connector

How to Sign in to the Chrome Browser - Sign in to the Chrome Browser to get easier access to your Google Apps

How to Sign in to Google Drive (G Drive) - Accessing your G:\ Drive

Accessing Google Drive and SmartNotebook / Office - Using the SmartNotebook and Microsoft Office with Google Drive

6065 (buttons on bottom) SmartBoard Instructions - How to turn on, switch inputs, freeze screen on 6065 (buttons on bottom)

6065S-V3 (buttons on side) SmartBoard Instructions - How to turn on, switch inputs, freeze screen on 6065S-V3 (buttons on side)

Duplicating or Expanding the Computer / Laptop Screen -  For "What's on my screen is not on my SmartBoard"

MathType with Google Docs and Slides - Installing MathType extension in Chrome to add formulas and equations to Docs & Slides

PaperCut Instructions - How to access PaperCut on Xerox copiers